Tube Amp Survival Kits

You make your living with your tools, so don't get caught in an emergency. Protect your investment.

When you're out on tour, don't be caught on the road without spare parts! A trip to your local guitar chain store will cost $80 just for a pair of Grove Tube power tubes, and that's if they're open and if they happen to have them in stock. Yikes! Add $30 for a Groove Tubes 12AX7 and another $40 for a Groove Tubes rectifier and now you're at $150! Don't do it.

The Texas Tone® Tube Amp Survival Kit prepares you for these type of emergency situations. Each Survival Kit included:

All new production JJ Elctronic tubes are stringently tested for noise and microphonics. Power tubes are tested using Amplitrex testers driving an external amp, and power amp tube pairs are also matched and burned in. 6L6GC and 6V6S have exclusive ruggedization for use in combo amps.

Tube Amp Survival Kit

Tube Amp Survial Kits: Inquire to place an order for your amp.

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