The Texas Tone® D5E Combo

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

The Ulimate Low Power Tweed Combo Amp


The Texas Tone® D5E is an update to the famous Fender® tweed Deluxe 5E3. Incredibly touch sensitive and dynamic, it has those crisp cleans and crunchy 'punch & pop' that only a good tube amp can provide - and that you expect. As great as the 5E3 is, it suffers from a few complaints, based on its mid-1950s design.

Many tweed Deluxe players complain of:

  1. Excessive noise
  2. Uneven frequency response ("farting out").
  3. Short tube life
  4. Early cutoff distortion

The Texas Tone® D5E overcomes these guitarist objections.

  1. Low noise operation. Modern electrical engineering grounding techniques reduce the noise floor of the amp. Low noise resistors throughout exhibit less hiss and are more stable.
  2. Smoother frequency response. The 5E3 amplifies low frequencies twice that of high frequencies, resulting in the well-known "farting out" by tweed Deluxe players. We fix this through tweaks that prevent farting out without losing the characteristics you love. Tighter power supply filtering adds to this.
  3. Longer tube life. Industry standard screen grid capacitors -missing on the 5E3- protect the power tubes and ouput transformer from failures. The 5E3 also tends to have over-biased power tubes, exacerbated by too-high B+ voltages in modern times, shortening power tube life. Through careful analysis, we apply proper power tube bias to both hit the well-known tweed Deluxe tone without over-tasking the power tubes. JJ Electronic 6V6S tubes are also wel-known for their ruggedness and great tone, and the D5E comes with exclusive double-mica power tubes for extra ruggedness.
  4. Later onset of preamps distortion. Many 5E3 uses complain about no headroom or too early cutoff distortion. Careful engineering solves this problem without changing the characteristics of the amp. The result is that the characteristic tweed Deluxe distorion occurs at a higher volume control setting. This allows the guitarist greater flexibility and does not change the tone of the amp.

With the Texas Tone® D5e, you get a highly portable 12 Watt combo amp that can get that sweet and creamy tube crunch, perfect for Indie, blues, country, pop, and rock, whether on stage, in the studio, or at home. It loves to be played wide open, controlled by the guitarist hands!

The Texas Tone Amps Texas Tone® D5E all tube guitar combo amplifier

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* Exclusive Double Mica spacers in the top of the tube to reduce rattle in combo amps!

** The C12Q is the standard 5E3 speaker. Why the C12Q over some of those famous, expensive speakers? Read the reviews:

I have a 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb who's speaker gave up the ghost... I purchased a C12Q for my amp. When I fired that baby up with the new speaker it was like a trip back in time. The tone was tight, focused and warm, all the things a great Fender Deluxe should be...

[I] installed a Jensen Vintage Ceramic C12Q last year in a 5E3 tweed Deluxe kit amp. I tried other speakers to include small plug magnet alnicos. But the sound of the C12Q works the best for all volume levels of this amp. I tried the more powerful ceramics and they sounded muddy at lower to moderate volumes. The light weight alnicos sounded too thin and had no punchy bass. IMO The C12Q is just right for all volumes and it realy handles the higher volume crunch very well: No flubby bass, and no crackling... the C12Q does better than more expensive speakers in a 5E3.

All specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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