The Kick Box Clean Boost

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Kick Box Clean Boost

Kick Box™ Clean Boost

Do you ever need to boost your guitar's output signal without resorting to a distortion or fuzz box? Maybe you just want to get your signal cleanly through a pedal chain. Perhaps you just want to boost the signal a little for a lead part, or to be heard above a drummer and bassist. Or you might want to play a softer tone without the volume loss usually associated with such tones.


The Kick Box™ boost pedal is my version of a clean boost. It uses a low-noise Op-Amp and a low-noise transistor to create a clean signal boost. This gives you a high input impedance and a low output impedance to drive a pedal array or amplifier input. A Boost control allows you to control the output level of the Kick Box™. Turned up, it can overdrive your guitar amp's input giving you a little, or a lot, of distortion and/or volume at the press of a foot-switch, without resorting to mega-metal distortion. When run at a moderate setting, it can provide that little bit of boost you need to drive your signal through an array of pedals, for a lead part boost, or to compensate for rolling off your guitar's tone control.

If you have an amp that sounds great cranked but it's too loud for some songs, the set up your amp for the desired amount of volume and distortion for your lead parts, pushing the amp deep into that "sweet spot". Then, engage the Kick Box™ and turn the Boost level down to reduce the guitar's signal level, and enjoy a quieter, cleaner tone at the press of a button for those ballads or quieter songs.

However you use it, the Kick Box™ is a small, versatile tool in the electric guitarist's sonic palette. I've been using it for several years in clubs and coffee houses, either to give my signal a boost for searing blues leads, or for when I roll the volume and tone levels down on the guitar for a soft, sweet sound, but still need to be heard in the band's mix.

A 12VDC or 9VDC power supply is recommended. The Kick Box™ will also run on an internal 9V battery, just in case you need it.

The Texas Tone® Amps Kick Box™ clean boost pedal. $80.00 plus $10 shippping. Out of Stock. Please inquire for current lead time or more information:

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