The Texas Tone® XTM45 50W Tube Guitar Amplifier

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

A Black Face Reverb Amp to Keep Up With The Marshalls

Texas Tone XTM45

The Texas Tone® XTM45 50-Watt tube guitar amplifier is the ideal amplifier for those want a Fender® blacKfaced style reverb amp that will keep up the the Marshall 50W heads.

The Fender® Super Reverb is a legendary amp, loved for it's tone. The XTM45 is an update for the rock guitarist who wants to take on the Marshall heads on an even keel.

After much study and circuit analysis, we've been able to open up the AB763 circuit bandwidth, cool down distortion in the front end, generate greater output stage dynamics to give an overall tighter feel, and clean up the reverb, all to make this an ideal rock platform.

At first look, cooling down distortion in the front end and generating greater output section dynamics may seem counter-intuitive. After all, Leo Fender went to great lengths to create more clean headroom, and his black-faced amps were the epitome of tube amp clean headroom- at least until his Music Man amps were released in the late 1970s. With the XTM45, however, the cleaner front end and increased output section dynamic range presents more output harmonics and saturation, resulting IN rock drive that otherwise isn't available in a Blackface Reverb Amplifier.

The result is a 50W tube amp that can drive your 4x12 (or any other) cab with great rock tone. 4 and 8 Ohm outputs are provided to drive a variety of speakers up to a 4x12 stack.

The XTM45 includes the technical features listed below:

Texas Tone® amps are built with a discerning musician's care. Every component, every wire lead, every solder joint, is carefully selected, laid out, bent, and soldered to ensure long life, optimal tone, and low noise. To further reduce amp hum, I follow modern electrical engineering practice and use a modified single point grounding scheme.

The Texas Tone® XTM45 hand wired all tube guitar amplifier: $1,995.00.
Currently in stock in beautiful Burgundy Snakeskin Tolex. For more information, or to place an order, please send me an inquiry.

Note: Texas Tone® Amplifiers is in no way affilliated with Fender®, Marshall® or any of their holdings. Amplifier specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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