The Texas Tone 12 Head

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas Tone 12

Texas Tone 12® Tube Guitar Amplifier Head with Tremolo

The Texas Tone 12® is my signature amp, the one that started it all, and my most popular model. Incredibly touch-sensitive and dynamic, it has those crisp cleans and crunchy punch & pop that you expect, and that only a good tube amp can provide. Couple that with my unique, old-school, grid-bias tremolo that pulses with that "Hypnotic Slam Effect" and you have a highly portable 12 Watt amplifier head perfect for Indie, blues, country, pop, and rock, whether on stage, in the studio, or at home. This is a portable tube amplifier head with killer tremolo, sweet and creamy tube crunch, enough clean headroom to play those clean fills in a band, and takes pedals extremely well, all without splitting your eardrums.

Texas Tone 12

The Texas Tone 12® exemplifies the touch-sensitive dynamics that vintage tube amps are famous for. Control your picking attack and tone and volume from your guitar, and you'll be amazed at the touch dynamics! The Texas Tone 12® responds to your input with in a way that defines "touch sensitive". You won't have trouble finding your sweet spot!

Rather than the simple treble cut like most "Tone" controls, the Texas Tone 12® uses a Low-pass/High-pass design that passes more treble or bass as you turn the tone control clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively. Sensitive yet subtle, this tone control gives you wide tonal variety without taking over your sound.

The grid bias tremolo circuit is lush and wide-ranging, not harsh like optical cut-off type tremolo circuits. It pulses with that "Hypnotic Slam Effect" and can be activated using the included foot switch.

The Texas Tone 12® features deep bass response and shimmering highs without being muddy or icepick harsh. Break-up is easily controlled via the guitarist's attack on the strings and judicious use of your guitar's volume and tone controls. From clean to dirty, this amp allows you to remain in control of your sound. Jazz, country, blues, or rock, you'll be surprised at the variety of tones you can achieve with this amp.

Speaking of sound, when you play you want to hear the sound of your guitar- not unwanted noise. Towards that end, the Texas Tone 12® uses shielded internal cables and a distributed grounding scheme to eliminate unwanted noise and hum from both internal and external sources. High voltage filtering is increased over traditional tweed-type circuits to provide a lower noise floor and a tighter bass response (A tube rectifier still allows for that creamy, compressed distortion that you've come to love from vintage cathode-biased amps). You'll want to see the power on light to verify that the amp is turned on!

The Texas Tone 12® all tube guitar amplifier head. $1,695.00. Includes footswitch, and Custom Amp Cover. To check on current lead times, more information, or to place an order, please send me an inquiry.

Note: specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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