The Texas Tone® TinyMax

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Texas Tone Tiny Max

Texas Tone® TinyMax Custom Tube Amplifier

The Texas Tone® TinyMax is designed to bring maximum, awesome, rockin' tube tone to your gig, studio, or home in a small, portable, lightweight package. At 7.2 pounds, it weighs less than my Tele! Too often, small guitar amplifiers lack tone as much as they lack quality. This hand-built point-to-point amp delivers the goods in both categories. It plays very nicely with pedals, so it's also great as a pedal platform.

The Texas Tone® TinyMax all-tube guitar amplifier features the following:

The Texas Tone® TinyMax takes the traditional, classic, mid 1950s single-ended low power amp, and updates it for today's music. Instead of a single-ended 6V6 power tube, we use an EL84 for plenty of low volume chime and smooth overdrive at higher volumes. Then, we add flexibility in several ways.

First of all, since those old amps didn't even have a Tone control, we added a familiar Treble/Bass tone stack. Then we add a bright switch that allows the high frequencies to bypass not just the tone stack, but the volume control as well. This means that at lower volumes it allows the highs to get through, while still being able to use the tone controls. In addition, we add a Mid boost switch for a sound with less mid scoop and a more raw sound.

Speaking of raw, we added a RAW switch that takes the tone stack completely out of the circuit. Those traditional tone stacks suck 6 to 12dB out of some amps (which is how they can offer treble or bass 'boost'), which is why Leo (and JTM) initially drove them with low-loss cathode followers, and then moved the tone stack closer to the front end of the amp, so he could boost the signal back up in later stages. The Raw switch yields a powerful, loud, raw sound, uncolored by the tone controls (the Bright switch retains a bit of functionality).

The result is a highly portable and versatile tube amp that can play clean or get great rock tone. As usual, the point-to-point build of the Tiny-Max® is designed for reduced hum and hiss. The output impedance is 8 Ohms, and can drive a variety of speakers up to a 4x12 stack.

The Texas Tone® TinyMax includes the technical features listed below:

Texas Tone® Amps are built with a discerning musician's care. Every component, every wire lead, every solder joint, is carefully selected, laid out, bent, and soldered to ensure long life, optimal tone, and low noise. To further reduce amp hum, I follow modern electrical engineering practice and use a modified single point grounding scheme.

The Texas Tone® Tiny-Max tube guitar amplifier. Head only: $695.00, plus tax and shipping. In Stock.

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Note: specifications subject to change based on selected options.

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